Who is Oust?

No More of The Same

Who is Oust?

Written by Dan Duncan

Put simply, the word "oust" means to move someone or something, from where they are to what's next. Break shit as we might describe it inside the walls of our creative studio, turned agency, turned startup studio.

Oust was founded by three creative directors that no longer wanted to play by the rules, check the creative box, or be defined as “storytellers.” We, myself and my co-founders, wanted to do bold, adventurous work for any partner who was ready to take a risk.

So we did. We launched a creative studio with an agency mindset who was ready to lose it all in order to chase the dream. But first we started with a word to hold us accountable, Oust. A disruptive bent on moving forward. An idea more than a company.

And that idea is now a growing, breathing, scary thing. Growing because we have been blessed to work with some of the most adventurous brands in the world, creating bold work for those partners. Breathing because this idea is a living thing, filled with soul. We will never simply check the box for ourselves or anyone else, we are creating things that should exist. And finally, scary. Yes, Oust is a scary, wild, unkept experiment. We are coming for a creative industry that likes to maintain the status quo, is slow to innovate, and generally retreads the same tires over and over.

At the core, Oust is an experiment because what we are doing has never been done. We have vertically integrated the creative space from the top down. An agency with its own brand house, film studio, and startup accelerator. Lead by creative directors who have lived in these spaces and are ready to break the mold.

Stay Wild.