Program Overview

Oust Labs Accelerator is a 3-month program combining creative expertise, community mentorship, and lean startup curriculum to help adventurous founders take their idea from concept to launch. Our program leverages creative execution, mentors, coworking, and to help startups grow while building a brand to make them standout.

In lieu of taking equity, we provide our program at a cost of $25,000. We require $5,000 to be paid upfront, with the remainder payable over 13 months after graduation. Our hope is that each company will find investment through our roundtable, that allows them to pay off their remaining commitment, however this is not a guarantee. We do this because we believe founders should own as much of their companies as possible.

We’re seeking entrepreneurs with product vision, domain expertise, commitment to execution, and a large dose of adventure. When we are lucky enough to meet such people, we want to partner with them to put them in the best position to succeed.


Creative Expertise
Full brand execution by Oust Studios

Dedicated Investors
Access to our roundtable of influencers and seasoned investors

Strong Community
Mentorship and advising from our curated community

Work Together
Free workspace during the 3-month program at Oust’s Grant Park office.


Program Schedule: Tuesday – Thursday (10-15 hours / per week)

Program Cost: $25,000 / $5K payable upfront