Buffalo Wild Wings

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Buffalo Wild Wings

1.1 Million Views + 100,000 Engagements To Date

Challenge: Strategize and execute a content strategy for Buffalo Wild Wing's TikTok and Instagram Reels that drives shares and brand equity growth.

Solution: As brands begin to wade into the waters of TikTok and IG reels the opportunities are endless but also, maintaining brand standards can be a barrier to entry that keeps many brands from trying, not Buffalo Wild Wings. The BWW team came to Oust to help them create within their brand standards but with complete freedom to experiment around different types of content that would perform well on the two platforms. As a first effort, Oust created a library that both played within the algorithms of the platforms and also broke the rules to see what the BWW community would react best to. That library both performed and drove learnings that will inform the BWW's 2021 social strategy.