Lecrae: Building a Digital Creator Out of a Billboard Topping Artist


Audience growth of 250,000 subscribers, overall engagement rise by 150 percent, and average views increase 5x 

Challenge: A friend of Oust, Lecrae came to us with a question: How do I transition from musician to digital creator to give my career the longest possible shelf life?

Solution: To make the shift from the music industry’s traditional domain into the world of YouTube, we had to identify what made Lecrae more than a musician. With his team, Oust determined who Lecrae was as a digital creator, thematic pillars that all his content would live under, and a meaningful execution strategy to conceptualize how his new online life as an influencer would come to be. Oust has been charged with concepting and executing everything from travel vlogs, like Lecrae Days, to more elevated and hands-on series, like Storytime with Lacrae and hidden camera pranks.